We are what we eat.

Our mission is to satisfy people's cravings with fresh and tasty PECAN products.

We are set on bringing best practices and traceability innovations to the pecan harvest and production while maintaining affordable prices for our clients.

We breath pecans.

Our history begins in 1986 when the first pecan tree was planted in our Orchard company El Ruezno with the vision of producing high quality pecans for the region.

Since then, we have grown operations with thousands of pecan trees producing and selling tasty pecans through modern and professional practices.

More value can be added to pecan products by including healthy, delicious ingredients creating yummy snacks. We are also enthusiastic about designing efficient shelling processes with modern practices at globally competitive costs.

With our producer background, we fully understand the amount of value added in each step of the pecan value chain.

We are firmly committed to creating win win partnerships with pecan orchid companies and clients to offer delicious pecan products for final consumers at the best possible price.

Associations and certifications.

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